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Investing in the development of Croatian society

Investing in the development of Croatian society

As one of the largest investors in the country, MOL recognizes the importance of investing in the local Croatian communities in which INA operates and has supported the development of INA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

MOL has supported INA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies and the company’s involvement in various projects that contribute to the local communities where INA operates. INA helped build roads, infrastructure, schools, kindergartens, cinemas, health centers, sports arenas and other. The company has also engaged in numerous cultural, scientific, sports, environmental or humanitarian projects. INA’s commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility was also confirmed in 2011 by gaining membership in the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HRPSOR).

MOL and INA particularly seek to provide help to children and youth, and to people with special needs. For example, in 2012 INA continued its cooperation with the association SOS Children’s Village Croatia, as part of the SOS Children’s Village Lekenik, Ladimirevci and five SOS Youth Communities, and takes now care of about 250 children without parents or parental care.

INA’s corporate philanthropy covers a wide range of activities. Recent donations include two facilities of the University Hospital Centre Zagreb (Pediatrics Clinic and Medical Faculty Zagreb neonatology and intensive care), and the Foundation for Humanitarian Demining of Croatia “Croatia without Mines”, with which the area around Petrinja was safely cleared. In 2012, INA also supported the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Paralympics Committee and Croatian athletes at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.