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MOL’s contribution to Croatia

MOL’s contribution to Croatia

To date, MOL has invested a total of over USD 6 billion directly into the Croatian economy. MOL is one of the largest foreign investors in the country and is proud to hold this position.

Since it first entered the Croatian market, MOL has supported the development and transformation of Croatia’s economy. As such, MOL has a vested interest in promoting an investor-friendly business environment that contributes to INA’s development as a successful regional energy leader in South Eastern Europe.

MOL has invested heavily in enhancing Croatia’s energy security. It has done so by modernizing INA, by massively developing the country’s oil and gas exploration and production and by constructing the Croatian-Hungarian gas interconnector.

As one of the largest investors in the country, MOL also recognizes the importance of investing in the local Croatian communities in which INA operates and has supported the development of INA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies.