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Investing in the development of Croatian society

Investing in the development of Croatian society

As one of the largest investors in the country, MOL recognizes the importance of investing in the local Croatian communities in which INA operates and has supported the development of INA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

MOL has supported INA’s Corporate Social Responsibility policies and the company’s involvement in various projects that contribute to the local communities where INA operates. INA helped build roads, infrastructure, schools, kindergartens, cinemas, health centers, sports arenas and other. The company has also engaged in numerous cultural, scientific, sports, environmental or humanitarian projects.

INA is the leader of corporate volunteering in Croatia - INA Volunteer Club has been operating since 2011 with more than 240 volunteer actions and more than 1300 members. In 2018, INA Group Volunteers Club received several awards: an award from Volunteer Centre Osijek for contribution of the business sector to the development of volunteering and an award from Local Volunteer Centre Orkas for the best company that supports volunteering. In 2019 INA received from Volunteer Centre Zagreb an award for its contribution to corporate Volunteering in general.

INA’s commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility was also confirmed in 2011 by gaining membership in the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HRPSOR) and has been a member ever since. Furthermore, INA won the “Sjaj” Award for visibility and affirmation of CSR and sustainability in digital media.

MOL and INA particularly seek to provide help to children and youth, and to people with special needs. For example, the company support for more than a SOS Children’s Village Croatia, Every year INA has been presenting donations to Croatian hospitals and over the last 10 years has injected more than HRK 5 million to domestic healthcare system.

In 2014 INA initiated the Green Belt program as part of which non-governmental organisations and educational institutions were invited to cooperate in order to jointly contribute to environmental protection in the local communities. Through this program, INA co-finances projects such as afforestation, landscaping, clean-up of the sea bed, coastal area, lakes and rivers, education on ecology and other similar activities in the field of environmental and nature protection. In 2018, INA’s Green Belt project was included in the International Chamber of Commerce Global Report on SDGs prepared for the 2018 UN High-Level Political Forum as a project that directly contributes to the Goal 15 (Life on land).