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  • October-December 2010: Croatia and MOL continue negotiations in order to avoid Croatia going into breach over FAGMA (itself a stopgap measure to stop the initial breaching of the GMA), however despite a fully negotiated agreement between the two sides, the agreement was never formalized and signed.
  • December 2010: Croatia goes into breach over FAGMA, and thereby the GMA (for the second time), as the Government fails to takeover INA’s gas trading subsidiary per the agreement. Meanwhile MOL’s offer to remedy the Government’s breaches does not materialize.
  • June 2011: The official appointment of the Croatian state’s negotiating team for the FAGMA/GMA breach by the government of Prime Minister Kosor.
  • November 2011: Despite exchanging numerous letters and continuous efforts from MOL to come to the negotiating table, no meetings are held between MOL and the Croatian Government.
  • December 2011: With the new Milanovic Government in place, Minister of Economy requests all the documentation related to the INA dispute from MOL. Initial informal meetings take place but no official negotiations.
  • December 2012: The Milanovic Government recalls the Kosor Government-delegated members of INA’s Supervisory Board; the Kosor Government-delegated Management Board members remain.